‘Tabu Mate’ – Chocolate Sticks


Alive and unrestrained, these rich, dark chocolate sticks are a unique union between two idealistic Berliner businesses combining raw mate with cacao beans from Mayan farmers resulting in a hand-crafted chocolate with amazing flavor and texture

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taboo is a vehement prohibition of an action based on the belief that such behavior is too sacred for ordinary individuals to undertake.

The Tabu Mate Chocolate Stick is anything but ordinary.  Conventional chocolate lovers, traditional Mate drinkers, beware, this combination brings chocolate and mate to another level.

Combining Meta Mate Raw, a uniquely processes mineral rich Mate with the fine flavor beans from Belyzium, the 2 main ingredients in this product are sourced directly from local producers and blended together in Berlin.  Similar to our dedication to support Mate producers, our Cacao partners source, a unique hybrid of Creollo and Trinitario cacao beans and support local, indigenous growers with the wish to change lives of the farmers and Mayan communities for the better.

This chocolate is sweetened with Stevia which we source from our partners in Auroville.

The Guarani traditionally used Stevia to sweeten the mate; a stick of  Tabu Mate fits perfectly in your bag and a bite provides you with energy while you are on the go.

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