Mate Leaks

00_CALA_fab_17x17_victor_hugo_cecattoMATE LEAKS  – Exploding the Conformity of the Bottle  

To really start to understand mate, you have to drink it more than hundred times. Mate, an indigenous ritual, is today consumed from a bottle. MateLeaks explodes the myth of the bottle for Mate-fans and takes the reader back to the roots of a tradition that is fading away with industrialization and globalization.

This booklet is being printed for the first time in December 2013 and features original photos from the Meta Mate production.

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MateLeaks – Don’t Call it Tea  

Authors: Fabricio and Krithika do Canto

Design: Victor Hugo Cecatto

Language: English, 20 pages, 17 x 17cm

ISBN Number:  9783732290789

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MateLeaks – Don’t Call it Tea

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