42 Roasted Mate

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42 Roasted Mate – Low-Caffeine Coffee Alternative.  Enjoy hot or cold. pure or sweetened

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Mateccino with rosted meta mate

This mate is the perfect coffee substitute

This leafy roasted mate from Brasil has a maltier taste than traditional green Mates, with a nutty flavour which makes its an ideal coffee substitute.  Roasted in a manner similar to coffee, this Mate yields an flavorful drink providing energy without  jitteriness.  It has a toasty, comforting chicory note that combines well with milk and sugar as well.

This Mate can be enjoyed warm as a coffee substitute, either black or sweetened with milk and sugar.

AS COFFEE SUBSTITUTE:  If using a french press,  use 2 Tbs Mate with 1L boiling water and let it infuse for 2-5 minutes.  We recommend grinding this mate in a coffee grinder when using it in an espresso machine or filter in order to intensify the flavour.  The Mateccino at Cafe 60 Degrees in Berlin, Friedrichshain is gaining fans who also purchase the mate to make at home.


Roasted mate served iced and sweet is loved on Rio's beaches

Roasted mate served iced and sweet is loved on Rio’s beaches

Alternatively it is popular as a refreshing summer drink on the beaches in Brasil, sweetened and chilled. Be inspired by the DIY culture and make your own Mate Brause at home with this mate.

This mate is industrially produced for us, we have visited the plantation and production facilities and can garentee that it is free from pesticides and is dried in the highest of hygenic standards.   It is certified Organic by EcoCert.


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7 reviews for 42 Roasted Mate

  1. Jurtina

    An ideal coffee-replacement, a sophisticated type of mate, that could be enjoyed with a cake. I also add a few drops of almond or coconut milk, to enhance the experience:)

  2. Sven

    Eine extrem leckere und im Besonderen aromatische Sorte. Bisher das beste Yerba, was mir in Deutschland untergekommen ist – aus meinem Büro mittlerweile nicht mehr wegzudenken!

  3. ib (verified owner)

    It reminds me of my first yerba maté I tasted (Checoslovakia, early 1990´s). I like to drink it in a mug with a bombilla (“a long mate) and resteeping 4-5 times. An ideal for lazy mornings.

  4. Troy Titteringon (verified owner)

    I found your roasted mate to be totally unique, as well. It took me back to my days in Japan and drinking Bancha twig tea to some extent. For me, it too is a new experience and I am summing up my thoughts on it. But for now, I find it most attractive late in the day or evening in a comforting way.

  5. Volodymyr

    You could do amazing things with it
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ec0veJKRaTc Video review Ukrainian only!

    It is Xmass. Soo …
    – 2 Tbl spoons of 42
    – 1L 85C water
    – infuse 5 minutes
    – big slice of lemon
    – rum 20 gramm

  6. Volodymyr

    So hipster pour over mate 42

  7. Volodymyr

    Have you heard about cold brew negroni cocktail?
    So you could do amazing roasted mate 42 negroni

    so 1:1 gin, Rossa martini, Campari
    and add now 2-3 parts cold mate 42

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