Meta Mate does not claim to be sustainable. Sustainability is not enough, in times of mass production of Bio Organic where evan the waste of plastic package can be claimed as sustainable. We access that sustainability alone is a empty concept. It can be used for growth, for profit, for life standards, for brand awareness,etc…

In the centrifuga of developments we search for new vectors that are not sustainable but point to the opostite direction, reverting the impact of our existence towards restoration of the planet and life quality. We declare our intentions in the Meta Mate Manifesto

Revertability is necessary. We have not come across a word or definition that satisfies us. Sustainability means to preserve the possibilities that we have at the moment for future generations. Wherelse ‘Revertability’ means to present them with possibilities that were destroyed by the carelessness and greed from past generations. In case of Mate we started with two projects, one to support artisanal and decentral mate production, and the other dedicated to the regeneration of native forests. We want the best for nature and mankind for that we engage ourselves in projects that replace the ecological footprint of Meta Mate production and consumption.

Bio for Butterflies

In February 2020 we were joined by Stefan Voelkel, (organic juice producer) to explore the benefits of planting Biodynamic Mate. Together with Voelkel Juice from Germany we want to ensure that there are organic mate forests for future generations#mate#reforestation#demeter#drinkrenewableforestenergy#butterfly

Drink Renewable Energy

Committed to protecting climate creating forests, but also bring the highest quality of nourishment to men, animals and for the forest itself, Meta Mate has embarked on a regenerative agricultural project with German drink producer Voelkel.

Legalization of Artisanal Mate Production

In cooperation with Frohlunder UG, from the Premium Collective , part of the sales of Muntermate contribute towards  creating standards of production to legalize artesenal mate  production in Brazil.

Mate Forest Garden

Producing the highest quality mate and replace our ecological foot print is our ambition and we are proud to have the Brauerei Loscher , the producers of Club Mate,  to support our reforestation efforts.

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