Meta Mate Thermo Glass ‘Guamboo’

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Guamboo – the urban Guampa a stainless-steel portable mate with a bamboo exterior. Meta Mate’s Modern Mate drinking solution is here.  Our 2 in 1 Thermo Mate Glasses are currently sold out but this 300mL Guamboo is ideal to  enjoy your mate on the go.

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This new way of drinking Mate is another innovation that Meta Mate is bringing on the market.  For those who enjoy to have their mate on the go without the hassle of a cuia and bomba, this bamboo-cased stainless steel Mate Thermo offers a convenient eco-friendly solution to take your mate with you and keep it warm (or chilled) for a couple of hours

The thermoses are leak proof and come with a steel filter inset that is suitable for leafy mates. However, for the ultimate to go mate experience we recommend usage with our MM XXL Bomba and Revolution Thermos.

Your portable Mate that works perfectly with our Meta Mate Bomba, just add a few spoons of mate inside. Add hot water and either drink immediately through the Bomba or screw the lid on tightly to transport your Mate.


Enjoy your Mate to go, either flavoured or pure. The Thermos glass keeps the water hot for about 45 mins just in case you feel like transporting your mate to drink elsewhere.

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5 reviews for Meta Mate Thermo Glass ‘Guamboo’

  1. Tom

    This Thermos is perfect for drinking mate, or any other tea/herb infusion. The filter works well, however i recommend you stick to using a leafier cut if you want to use the filter. The flask is perfect for drinking mate on the go with a bomba as it allows you to drink a ‘long’ mate, and once you have finished you can screw the top on, throw it in your bag and move on.

  2. Jurtina

    This thermo-glass flask innovation made a good gift for my special friend,who introduced me before to meta mate. The glass walls of the flask, unlike the metal flasks, allowed me to made the gift more personal by decorating it with artist glass paint. I also want to say thank you to the meta mate customer service for the high quality service,recommendations and great communication.

  3. Serena

    Thanks for sending this over to me so quickly, this Thermos is exactly what I was missing! My friend bought one of these back from Berlin and directed me to your site. I drink a lot of loose tea and have started with Yerba Mate now too. Makes life a lot easier taking tea into work. Thanks again

  4. Volodymyr Pavlyshyn

    It is a best friend of urban materos. Perfect for U/S-bahn (metro). Easy to care and use . outstanding thermal isolation and hermetic cap. Nice fit with metamate bomba, but easily could be used without any devices filter in cup works well. It is realy help to enjoy mate on road. I really like it. Super cool thing you have a chance to see your yerba incide. It charming when leafs is “dancing” when you put water and this charming green color.


    Far better quality than the type I purchased here in the States which was all plastic. Very handy

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