Welcome to the Meta Mate Unity community.

**Join Us as a Meta Matero and Become an Ambassador for Meta Mate!**
Welcome to Meta Mate – where the love for mate is combined with a strong commitment to quality and the environment. We are excited to invite you, our valued customer, to take your passion for Meta Mate to the next level and become an official Meta Matero!
**What is a Meta Matero?**
A Meta Matero is more than just a customer; they are our brand ambassadors, spreading the word about the uniqueness and excellence of Meta Mate to their friends, family, and community.
**Why Become a Meta Matero?**
As a Meta Matero, you will play a vital role in promoting sustainable and high-quality mate products. Not only will you enjoy exclusive benefits, but you will also contribute to minimizing CO2 spending through efficient logistics by bundling orders. Together, we can make a positive impact on the environment.
**What Are the Key Benefits?**
1. **Reduced Pricing**: Enjoy access to the best possible Meta Mate products at special Matero rates.
2. **Environmentally Friendly**: Collaborate with us in our efforts to reduce the carbon footprint by optimizing shipping and distribution through order bundling.
3. **Personalized Webpage**: Receive a dedicated website and URL, empowering you to easily bundle your orders and showcase your love for Meta Mate.
**How to Get Started**
1. **Experience Meta Mate**: To become a Meta Matero, you should have already tasted and fallen in love with Meta Mate. Your genuine passion for the brand is essential.
2. **Read Our Manifesto**: Familiarize yourself with our core values and commitments to quality and sustainability by exploring our manifesto [here](https://fabricio.metamate.cc/matevisim/meta-mate-manifesto).
3. **Join the Meta Matero Community**: To get started, simply drop us an email at unity@metamate.cc expressing your interest in becoming a Meta Matero. Our dedicated team members, Fabricio and Nico, will be delighted to welcome you and guide you through the process.
**Let’s Share the Best Meta Mate Possible!**
Together, as Meta Materos, we can make a difference. By promoting our dedication to quality and the environment, you will inspire others to join our mission. We believe that through unity and collaboration, we can achieve a more sustainable and enjoyable future.
Join us today and be a part of the Meta Mate movement! Spread the love for Meta Mate, enjoy exclusive benefits, and make a positive impact on our planet.
We look forward to welcoming you as a Meta Matero!
**Warm regards,**
Nico and Fabricio
The Meta Mate Team


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