Flagship Store:
Meta Mate Bar, Strassburgerstrasse 16,  10405 Berlin

Tel.: 00 49 30 60962042


For 23, yuyo and more mate options check as well yerbamatero.com

Belgian : http://lovibond-drinks.be/meta-mate/




Ambrosetti. Schillerstr 103.  10625 Berlin

Bio Berlin (Prenzlauer Berg) bio-berlin.com

Bio Kraft Keller. Schwedterstrasse. (Prenzlauer Berg)

Bio Company.  Berlin, Dresden & Hamburg www.biocopmany.de

Feuerbohne Kollektiv (Neukölln) feuerbohne.blogsport.de

Dr. Pogo Veganladen (Neukölln) veganladen-kollektiv.net

Krauter Laden Khloud (Neukölln) heilpraxis-kraeuter.com

Meta Mate Brasil: fabricio@metamate.cc  or jeronimo@metamate.cc

Other (Germany):

REWE SuperMarket.   August-Bebel-Str. 116A. 33602 Bielefeld                         

Delicatino. Bremen.  mate-tee.de

Yerba Mate Bulgaria:  http://yerbamate.bg
Dobre Ziele, Krakow https://dobreziele.pl 
Meta Mate Belarus – Vistebek https://metamate.by
Meta Mate UK – Paul Harrison.  Liverpool.
The Grocery 52-56 Kingsland Road London E2 8DP – thegroceryshop.co.uk
Essentials Trading – Bristol http://essential-trading.co.uk/

Finland:  Chaya Shop http://www.chaya.fi/fi/mate

Czech Republic : PijuMate – Brenau  https://www.pijumate.cz/
Japan: Hijikata Gardens. Tokyo http://www.hijikataen.com
Sweden:  Essential Living:   www.essentialliving.eu
South Africa:  Yerba Mate South Africa Previous at yerbamatesouthafrica.com
Byblos Cafe, Cape Town, looking for a new reseller .

And last, but certainly not least, customers in the USA, check out : Project Mate Bar  in Florida who have had our complete collection from the very beginning.  Their dedication towards spreading the Mate culture in the USA is  true evidence of the MetaMate spirit.  projectmatebar.com

Is it difficult to find Meta Mate close to you?  Order our products online or contact us via email for individual offers to become Mate Ambassadors and spread the Meta Mate Spirit.


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