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A fitting bomba for the 2 in 1 Thermo Glasses and large cuias

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bomba1These high quality inox traditional bombas are fitted with a smooth comfortable mouthpiece to enhance your mate drinking experience and are accesorized with a MetaMate Cuia which aside from decorational purposes functions as a cooling ring.

Produced by the company Bortonaggio,they come in 2 sizes, a 23 cm bomba an extra long 25cm bomba which gives an  elegant touch to Mate drinking, so that you can have a straight neck and drink your mate proudly instead of hunching over a small cuia with a short straw.



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1 review for Meta Mate Bomba – Bortonaggio

  1. Martin

    Beautifully crafted bomba! Works well even for the finest cut mate and doesn’t get clogged up. The mouthpiece is comfortable and rests nicely on your lips. It has a cool cooling ring with the logo and the length of the bomba itself provides that the liquid cools enough before reaching up. To sum up, classy and practical!

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