Bomba Filter


A reusable filter for your Bomba to assist with powdered Mate drinking.

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This special Bomba Filter allows makes it easier for Mate drinkers to enjoy finely ground Mate with Bombas that are not necessarily made for them.  It also prevents the mate powder from entering your mouth while drinking.  The filters are made of cloth and are reusable.

Many drinkers new to finely ground mate drinking are inhibited by the cut and risk of clogging their Bombas.  These filters help against.  However, we recommend them only for short-term usage, while it is actually quite healthy to ingest some of the mate fibres that slip through the bomba while drinking!

However, we recommend these filters strongy for newbees.  1 is worth a try and if you like them, we have a special offer so that you stay stocked up.

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