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Practical set to mobilize your mate drinking.  Guamboo Thermoglass, XXL Bomba and Revolution Thermos (not pictured) with a complementary package of Raw Mate


The Thermos has a stable handle that hooks practically onto belts and bag straps

The Thermos has a stable handle that hooks practically onto belts and bag straps

Say goodbye to messy mate drinking.  Do you often find Mate leaves and powder all over your bag or car? Have you ever accidently poured water on your hand while serving a mate, or even worse, ruined the beautiful green mountain on top of the cuia?

Materos enjoy carrying their mate around with them everywhere they go, and though it is possible to do so using the typical leather carrying bags that fit a gourd and thermos inside, typical to South America, they do not fit so well into the backpack.

Make your Mate Mobile with our kit to go.  The inox bomba with a mouthpiece that is a pleasure to drink from is paired with our sleek 2 in 1 Thermo Glass which can be sealed when you need to put your mate drinking aside.  Combine it with a high-quality thermos with a special spout for water serving and you have a Mate set that you can drink under all conditions.

Special spout allows precise serving

Special spout allows precise serving

The easy serving function of the thermos make it possible to pour water into your mate cup without having to take your attention off other important matters.  It makes mate serving more intuitive and less complicated.

Whether you have shaky hands, suffer from Parkinsons or are in a bumpy situation, this thermos stands up to all situations.

The video below demonstrates how practical it is to enjoy your Mate on the road with this set.





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