Mate Maker


Simple tool that helps to make a traditional DIY Mate


The art of mounting a cuia to prepare a traditional mate takes some practice to master, and not everyone has the patience.  Especially when it comes to the fine powdered Mates such as our Moonshine Mates from Family Gehm .  The mate is precious, it is delicious when prepared the proper way, but if you are not experienced enough, (or if you are having a bad day), there is the risk of a landslide which makes it impossible to drink your mate.

This stainless steel tool was recently launched in Brazil to facilitate mate making for novices.  In a few simple steps, the mate maker promises to help mount a cuia with a solid mate wall.  We are still experimenting with this and find that it works better in traditional calabasa cuias as opposed to ceramic ones and it makes a rich thick brew.


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