Absint ‘o’ Mate

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500 Ml Hand Made Mate Liquor – with or without Anis, with Vermut or Waldmeister. After purchase we set contact over email to decide the quality.

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Mate and Wormwood, the new hackers choice? In 2012, we unveiled a special Absint’o’Mate with the Mier Cabaret created by Berlin based Absinth artist Martial Philippi. This was produced as a traditional French-style absinth.

Now we have teamed up with Absyntheum in Dresden to create a Mate Spirit that is aimed at those into the ‘Munter-macher’ function of the Mate.

Combining the myth of the green fairy with Mate, this Mate spirit should give birth to an awakening spirit and can be drunk either pure, warm or on ice.

New Years Eve at C-Base and the 30C3 at the end of 2013 showed that Mate Spirit has a niche in hacker culture providing enough speed, and center-minded well-being.

Mate Spirit:  45% Vol. Alcohol, hand-crafted by mazeration  0,5L Bottle
Ingredients: MATE: different Mazerate (Mate was put for 30, 60 or 90 days in different grades of Vol-%, afterwards they are recombined withother herbs), Wormwood, Beifuss, Sage, Waldmeister, Damiana, Mint

Alternative: 100 ML for testing  15 Euro via paypal or bank transfer for that. For non alcohol drinkers we also have Mate with Wormwood to serve hot. 100 Gr for 10 Euros shall be enough for 10 L infusion.

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2 reviews for Absint ‘o’ Mate

  1. Jörg

    Nice a beverage. Both the kinds with anis and without.
    Though with anis tastes more like “Absynth”, the original.

    However: Never have it if you want to go to sleep in the next couple of hours.

  2. Yerba Mate Bulgaria

    I am really very impressed. It has very unique and unrepeatable balance between absenthyum, anis and mate. Despite the fact we are drinking it the normal way, without spoon etc., it flourishes amazingly. When sipping, the first comes the anis, it has the strongest aroma as well (without being aggressive), afterwards you can feel the subtle notes of the yerba and absenthyum. After few minutes in the glass the aroma turns from absenthyumlike to sweeter and more erotic nose. The finish and remaining mouth feel is really what attracts me the most – those sweet herbs aroma still not defined for me. Impressive.

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