RelaxMate Salts


The Damp Grey Fall days are descending upon Berlin, and what better way to combat this than with a mineral enriched Rose – Mate Bath?


badesalzcloseDrinking your cuia of Meta Mate a day warm you up and keeps your immune system strong. And after a long day what better way to unwind than with a steamy bath. A perfect treat for mate and non-mate drinkers alike, a natural handmade SalzBad

Expanding on our RejuveMate Range, Berlin’s Verzauberein has blended our artisanal mate with our hand-plucked Bulgarian rose petals into a soothing Bath Salt (SalzBad) with Himalayan Salt Crystals.

The Mate acts as a Tonic to subtley remove toxins from the body and the rosepetals, infused in Jojoba oil moisturizes with a pleasant fragrance. Mate assists in relaxing the muscles, and by infusing yourself in the Mate bath you will emerge RejuveMated!

Recommended dosage – 3-4 Tbs while filling up a bath tub wiht hot water, close all windows and doors to enhance the effect through the vapors.

Contents: 300mL


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