Mate Mask


A detoxifying facial mask with mate and green clay, suitable for sensitive skin


Vezauberin’s latest mate creation is bound to leave your face glowing like the green goddess.  Mate, french green clay, shea butter and Almond oil are mixed together to form a thick paste that is ideal for rubbing into your face and letting it sit for a few minutes before washing.

Properties of Mate on the skin

  • Energizing: stimulates blood circulation, helping to prevent varicose veins

  • Astringent: helps tone the skin and reduce pores

  • Exfoliating: useful in eliminating dead cells and regenerate the skin completely, attenuating expression lines

The cosmetic use of mate complement the drink, since it is possible to enhance each systemic effect with the application For example:




Reduce cellulite

Eliminating excess body fluid

Tones and exfoliates the skin

Prevents aging

Prevent the aging of cells

Eliminates dead cells and regenerates the skin

Decrease body weight

Burns fat

Tones the skin

Combining the topical use of mate and by drinking helps to keep the body healthier, vital and energetic.



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