Cuia Critics….

No words can express how it feels to drink a fresh mate, it cannot be judged by one sip, one must drink it in silence, and get to know the mate, sometimes it takes a few cuias to familiarize ones self with.  It is hard for us to define how the mate tastes when someone...

ÖkoTest: Anthraquinone-free Mate

ÖkoTest: Anthraquinone-free Mate A recent report in the February 2017 edition of the German consumer rights magazine ‘Öko-Test’ denouncing daily mate consumption due to health-risks comes to us as no surprise at all. The benefits of drinking mate on a regular basis are extolled by health...

Energy Mate for Athletes.

Energy Mate for Athletes. Mate’s sustainable energy is no secret for those who train in vigorous sports activities.  From Football players to Olympic Gymnasts, a number of athletes attest to the natural energizing effects from drinking Mate. Cristiane Manfé Pagliosa, who is currently...

Mate Production & Consumption: Ecological Footprint

Meta Mate Berlin and the Mate e.V.  want to promote awareness about the ecological footprint of consuming mate, targeting to inform both consumers and producers of the different options. There are different sources of the mate herb, different ways of drying it in...
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