From the forest to the forests. Meta Mate starting to work with guaranis.

…this is to present to you our first contact to the guarani…

Tekoa Ivy Porã Village

Fabricio do Canto, Fabiana Loyala and Nina Menocal went there on 9 December 2023.

In the Jaraguá reserve, there are two ethnic groups, formerly nomadic, whose grandparents were colonized. The Guarani Mbya and Guarani Nhandeva reside in the village, each with different dialects.

Marcio is the cacique, the leader chosen for his qualities. His name is Karai Vera Mirim, and he leads a group of 27 people, including 6 children.

Our initial host was Fabricio. Yes it is a coincidence but the the guarani who received Fabricio from Meta Mate was also named Fabricio.

Though initially reserved, we later understood that avoiding eye contact is a cultural aspect. Towards the end, we shared a moment of laughter.

Marcio, the cacique mentioned that in the past, their grandparents knew how to plant and harvest mate. However, their relationship with mate is unique; they consider it a sacred medicine for the body and spirit, an original product connecting them to the forest. They act as guardians of its energizing power.

They express a desire to plant more mate but require saplings. August, in their new year, is the month for harvest. In the short term, support with craft building would be appreciated. Additionally, a focus on health and identity preservation is desired.

The community house in the village is called OPã and is notably beautiful, clean, and spacious. This is where the pajé (shaman in Guarani) drinks his mate every evening, using the Barão brand, as seen in the pictures.

In colaboration with the Galeria Nina Menocal who sold the works from Joao Amado to the art supporter Eugenio Lopez from the Mexican Jumex Foundation; Meta Mate used part of the resources to sponsor a first contact with the Guarani settelment, and try to find out ways to support and value those ethnie that gave us the present of the mate drinking ritual. We also would like to thanks Rodrigo from the Escola do cuidado for the connection and Fab Loyolla for the execution.

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