The masses follow a minority of evil men in destroying their own base of life just because they simply don’t know better. They don’t have their feet on the ground, because they are forced to go higher and higher
And those who can’t keep up with that struggle, either through intellectual, emotional, physical, social or even cultural conditions tend to get high on drugs, sex, parties or other distractions instead of feeling grounded.
So it is a task for the artists , activists and most important business people and consumers  to make a change and difference by promoting only regenerative practices and products.

All Meta Mate are from the forest, but the Meta Mate Raw is the only mate at all that does not use any wood for generating energy for drying, and Meta Mate Craft, which is harvest in very small quantities, does not use any wood from outside the property one apart from his own to dry the mate, not resourcing to monoculture eucalyptus as a source of energy.

Today just like amazonia is treathed by mining of gold and usage of area for soja production, the atlantic forest where the mate comes from is threated by usage of area for soja monoculture and eucalypt monoculture.

By purchasing meta mate raw or meta mate craft you are doing important steps in consuming goods that do not damage the forest.

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