Ceramic Cuia Medium

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Individuallly crafted Cuia, that feels good in the hands and gives you the pure taste of our mate without all of the hassels that maintaining a traditional Cuia entails.  These cuias are dishwasher-friendly and have an especially designed wide brim to allow the special preparation of mate providing sufficient space for the Mate Herb to rest on top.

A perfect gift for anyone who wants to drink tea or Mate in style.

Handmade in Berlin by Antares

Height: 11cm     Weight: 250g

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Weight 0,3 kg

1 review for Ceramic Cuia Medium

  1. Martin

    Perfect cuia for an aesthetically exacting matero! Beautiful design with the lavish mushrooming brim. Holds a right amount of erva to flush through a liter of water and a good part of the day:) It is easy to clean up and start a new circle right a way!

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