This summer we pass the cuia to the next generation of Materos.    And as long as the sun keeps shining at a minimum of 23°, our junior Cebadors will be happy to serve you a refreshing terere.  Stop by and enjoy a calm moment.

For the Month of July we will have limited opening hours from 2 – 7pm Tuesday – Saturday.         All online orders will be forwarded to

Over the last weekend of June we will in annual tradition be at the Fusion Festival East of Berlin offering Mate workshops at the Workshop Hangar

Come & Connect mit many MATES.  Drink of friendship & peace.   Communicate & share in a ceremonial circle. Energize your spirit w/. wild green energy!

What:   Mate drinking Circles during the Fusion, at scheduled times (ideally 2-3 times a day) as well as the possibility for DIY Mate  . Whether you just want to drink a Mate, learn how to make one or take a gourd of fresh mate to sit and drink with friends. We will be there to attend to all of your mate needs and answer questions.

Why:  Mate partially fuels the Fusion and we  take it out of the bottle and offer everyone the chance to try a real mate in traditional style. Facilitating communication and sharing, we recommend at least half an hour (either alone or with a friend) to really experience the Mate. The basic preparation techniques and rules will be explained and participants are welcome to drink together, try their hand at making one and see what other herbs can be mixed into the mate. Or just come and sit separately and enjoy the Mate .

We:  Meta Mate – Mate Hackers on a mission to spread Mate Culture between Brasil and Berlin and Beyond. In former times information was exchanged while sitting together and drinking a mate. Mate drinking fosters communication & understanding and we try to make this more accessible to all while supporting grassroots production in South America.

Ask me Anything about Mate: from DIY Mate from Harvesting from mythology, to research, to brewing brauses

Thursday 27/6. 12-14 hrs Outdoor;  18-20 hrs Bastel Tisch 3
Friday  28/6. 10-12 hrs, 15-16 hrs, 19-20:30 hrs. Outdoor.
Saturday  29/6. 10-11 hrs Parkett;  12-14 hrs, 16-17 hrs, 19-20:30 hrs Outdoor
Sunday  30/6. 10-12 hrs, 15-16 hrs, 18-19 hrs Outdoor


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