kako7Silky, smokey and soft…..those were the first thoughts while opening the battered box that had been thoroughly inspected by customs before arriving in Berlin.   A month ago this mate was part of a forest, now it is here, overwhelming all the senses with it’s emerald green tones, earthy campfire aromas, silky textures, before even tasting it one feels the spirit of the mate envelope the room.

It is hard to put in words how one feels when drinking this mate and no photo can do it justice, but here is what Clark Lewis from Meta Mate Utah says about the 2016 Moonshine Harvest:

“A pleasing, smokey treat! This erva is very fine, creamy, delicious treat. Smokey and bold enough for those seeking intense flavors in their mate, but still mild enough for novices. It helps one relax and be able to appreciate the time and hard work put into producing this amazing erva.”

This Mate is a testament to tradition, to the analogue attitude of our ancestors who created a culture independent of industrialisation.  In this spirit, we do not dazzle you with digital documentations but share the impressions by Marcus do Canto whose.  The very same hands that sketched these images made the mate as well.


The size of the Mate leaves in the Gehm’s forest are much larger than the normal monocultures


The drum through which the sapeco is done


The fireplace where the drying process begins.


The legendary Barbaqua where the Gehm brothers used to sleep as children




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