altarBenzedora, Rezadora e Matera welcome us before sun rise, and remind just like Caayari we are never alone.   We had the chance this time to encounter wise materos in the heart of the Missiones drinking Mate with this priestess was truly a blesing.

A pre-dawn mate with these  wise materos in the heart of the Missiones……drinking a mate with such priestesses is a true blessing.

tupaThis special couple who have been living together for 63 years in simplicity, bliss and peace amidst the Ruins from Sao Miguel remind us that when we drink Mate we have the blessings of Caayari and will never be alone because we connect through the Mate.


treeA pilgrimage to Sao Miguel is a must for those deeply connected with Mate.  Although the tradition of drinking Mate originates from the Guarani, this is where the Gaucho culture of Mate was born.  The Missions is where the Mate production stems from historically and walking amongst the ruins, and sitting under the wise tree spirits there affirmed that we are on the right path and deepened our commitment towards spreading the Mate message.

Images say so much more than what we could write, so here below we share some visual impressions from the mate heartland where we hope to bring more materos to in the future….


Welcome to the land of Mate. In Guarani it is written ‘This land has an owner’ and on the right side is a statue of Guarani revolutionary Sepe Tiaraju


Mate by sunrise







The house of widows, a perfect place to mate and contemplate at sunset


The magical landscape of the Missiones









The rituals and mates that Fabricio experienced in the Missiones strenghtened his spiritual belief in the healing energies of Mate.  The spirit of Mate that was gifted from the Guarani people to the Missionaries is sacred and this connection is a heritage to the people of this land.

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