jovitolatiIt is always a pleasure to meet new Spirits who are as passionate about Mate as we are.  Jovi, from Yerba Mate South Africa, is on a mission to Matefy his land and help the Mate culture spread further.
Introduced by a mutual friend, Fabricio and Jovi had a chance to catch up at the Congress in Uruguay and then meet up again in Palmeiras to make some of Tolati’s Erva together.  We are grateful for the opportunity to be sharing our passion for mate with others and look forward to sharing many more mates with many more people all over the world in the coming years.
Drinking mate is a unique experince, but having the opportunity to be part of the production brings ones relationship with Mate to a different level.  Earlier this year, we had Jared together for a harvest, and Fabricio looks forward to introducing more Materos to his homeland in the future.
Here Jovi shares his experiences with our Mate Spirit, which was a hit with South American Mate Fans:
absint1Wow wow wow! I had an extraordinary experience with Fabricio do Canto from Meta Mate Bar drinking artesenal absinth, made with wild wormwood, anise, herbs and yerba mate harvested by the distiller himself. Only 3 bottles of the Spirit of Mate were specially made. Fabricio prepared the Spirit of Mate using a hand-made water dispenser designed especially for adding ice-cold water at a SLOW pace to the absinth. We drank two servings each and I am now a man more enlightened than what I was yesterday to the Yerba Mate South Africa fans, have a good one, and drink only the good stuff this weekend.


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