Screen Shot 2013-12-22 at 22.32.54Screen Shot 2013-12-22 at 22.37.52Meta Mate invades the 30C3 in Hamburg   Dec 27 – 30th with LOTS OF MATE

We are excited to participate in this years CCC Congress in Hamburg and spend our final days of the year with lots of Mate Fans from all over the world.  We promise you, we will have a rich variety of mate opportunities during the Congress.

Get your fix with Mate Circles occurring daily in the Chill Out Lounge during the breaks.  Those interested in going a bit deeper in the Mate Hacking should check out our DIY Mate Workshop in the Food Hacking Base where you might even get to try some Mate Tofu!

00_CALA_17x17_victor_hugo_cecattoabsinthAt 7.30pm of the second evening of the Congress, we have a special surprise lined up for you in the Villa Straylight  with a rebrush of Caayari, the Mate Mythology performed in butoh style.*

And keep an eye out on the schedule for the Absinth Mate Tasting on the 29th evening with the Quality Alcohol Assembly.  We will have some different Absinth Spirits and are looking forward to see what fans have to say.  Thanks to Absyntheum for the hack!

* This performance is an ongoing research that Fabricio has been doing in Butoh inspired by his time with Lee Rhizome in the SubBody School in the Himalayas.  Raven has also played this role since she was a young child.

They will be accompanied by Marcus Schwill on sound:  Ohmnoise


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