mateingermany1-e1375964551629Mate Fans have plenty to look forward to this month with new additions to the Mate Limo market, and summer is still in the air judging from the amount of Mate tourists who keep popping in to try all the Mates that they cannot get back home.

On 12 Aug 2013, we take the show on the road again, this time to Hamburg for the launching of  1337Mate Monday  at The Lab Bar.  Join us for some mate experiments in creating the ultimate DIY Mate Limo.

Fabricio will be on hand all afternoon to offer a Mate Ceremony and share some mate secrets with entusiastic fans.

On Aug 17th, 2013, all the Berlin Mate Fans will have a chance to get some insiders information about Mate and try all sorts of Mate creations at the Coffein Hackathon at the Co.Up co-working space in Kreuzberg.  The schedule is still be finalized, however, there will be a talk about Mate, a presenatation about Premium Cola’s open-source system and CC drinks, as well as the launching of a new MateWiki which everyone is invited to participate in.

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