Meta Mate is turning 1 this weekend and we would like to celebrate it with a Meta Party!!!

For those of you who have been meaning to visit us for a while or have been telling someone about Meta Mate, this weekend is the perfect opportunity to do so.

Saturday June 30th and Sunday July 1st 13.37pm onwards – Meta Mate 1 Year bash. Come and drink a mate with us in honour of the endless cuias that were circulated around over the last year. We couldn’t have done it without you and would love to see all of your faces here. All meta cuia owners are requested to bring their own cuia with and fill it up with some fresh mate (we have plenty). In addition, the mate packing sweatshop will be in operation so everyone will have an opportunity to chose their favourite mate from our selection of herbs, weigh, fill and label their meta mate package and have all of your mate questions answered by our experts (us!). All paying guests will also receive a commemorative Mier paper cup that entitles them to special liberties in the Cave.

So please stop by with your good wishes and we’ll provide you with good spirits – the cave is equipped with plenty of Mier and for those of you who are operating on a budget, we have a list of tasks to do as karma consumption!


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