Japanese tea ceremonies are one of the few that  compare to mate drinking rituals in terms of the rules, formalities and attention to details.  Last year, Zen monk Seitaro and his wife Natsuki delighted guests with an elaborate ‘Meta Matcha Ceremony,’ serving Meta Mate in a traditional Japanese way and enlightening us with stories about their customs.

Meta Mate is pleased to once again welcome Seitaro and Natsuki at our space this Saturday, 9 June at 12pm for another Meta Matcha Ceremony.  The event is open to all interested, but we kindly request you to arrive by 11.50 so that we can start on time and you don’t miss anything.

This time, thanks to Antje and her flour mill we have achieved a truly fine, powdery meta mate to serve Seitaro’s purposes.  We are happy to announce that is now possible for Meta Mate visitors to sit at the counter and chat with us and help grind some mate while waiting for the cuia to be passed to them.

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