Meta Mate 2 in 1 Thermo Glass

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Meta Mate’s Modern Mate drinking solution is here.  Our 2 in 1 Thermo Mate Glasses are the perfect solution to enjoy your mate on the go.

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Meta Mate Tepiano

You can either drink your Mate straight out of the practical sieve that the termos is fitted with, or for a more authentic Mate experience use your bombaA practical way to drink a Mate to Go without a cuia and bomba in a state of the art acrylic / glass.

This new way of drinking Mate is another innovation that Meta Mate is bringing on the market.  For those who enjoy to have their mate on the go without the hassle of a cuia and bomba, this acrylic Mate Thermo with an inner glass chamber  a convenient way to take your mate with you and keep it warm for a couple of hours The Thermos combines perfectly with our MetaMate Bomba.  

Background:   Inspired by a recent retreat where the amount of items we could carry was limited and the amount of time to drink mate was even less, Fabricio discovered this innovative, practical way to enjoy his Mate on the go.

This product was actually recommended to us by a customer is a practical Cuia subtitute that lends itself to traditional or normal mate drinking.  Fit with a fine strainer, this 260mL acrylic cased glass thermos is a smarter version of the popular Argentinean plastic MaTche’s.

When this new form of Mate drinking was unveiled at the International Mate Congress in Uruguay in May 2014, the items were sold out within minutes, it’s a necessity for the serious Mate drinker, who wants to travel light and have a mate to go in all situations.

meta mate 2in1 thermo glass
Your portable Mate that works perfectly with our Meta Mate Bomba, just add a few spoons of mate inside. Add hot water and either drink immediately through the Bomba or screw the lid on tightly to transport your Mate.
Meta Mate 2in1 Thermo Glass
Enjoy your Mate to go, either flavoured or pure. The Thermos glass keeps the water hot for about 30 mins just in case you feel like transporting your mate to drink elsewhere. An optional way of steeping or flavouring the Mate is to insert another herb (or tea pad)into the filter compartment and steep for desired amount of time.


A similar version is available on the market but be aware that the plastic inside is not suitable for hot infusions, ours is made out of glass and is approved by German product standards.  Nevertheless, check out the link below for inspirations for  the power for off-centered infusions. Just twist off the top; add hops, spices, fruit or whatnot, fill with off-centered ale and savor the fruits of your creativity.

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5 reviews for Meta Mate 2 in 1 Thermo Glass

  1. Rated 4 out of 5


    This Thermos is perfect for drinking mate, or any other tea/herb infusion. The filter works well, however i recommend you stick to using a leafier cut if you want to use the filter. The flask is perfect for drinking mate on the go with a bomba as it allows you to drink a ‘long’ mate, and once you have finished you can screw the top on, throw it in your bag and move on.

  2. Rated 4 out of 5


    This thermo-glass flask innovation made a good gift for my special friend,who introduced me before to meta mate. The glass walls of the flask, unlike the metal flasks, allowed me to made the gift more personal by decorating it with artist glass paint. I also want to say thank you to the meta mate customer service for the high quality service,recommendations and great communication.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    Thanks for sending this over to me so quickly, this Thermos is exactly what I was missing! My friend bought one of these back from Berlin and directed me to your site. I drink a lot of loose tea and have started with Yerba Mate now too. Makes life a lot easier taking tea into work. Thanks again

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Volodymyr Pavlyshyn

    It is a best friend of urban materos. Perfect for U/S-bahn (metro). Easy to care and use . outstanding thermal isolation and hermetic cap. Nice fit with metamate bomba, but easily could be used without any devices filter in cup works well. It is realy help to enjoy mate on road. I really like it. Super cool thing you have a chance to see your yerba incide. It charming when leafs is “dancing” when you put water and this charming green color.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5


    Far better quality than the type I purchased here in the States which was all plastic. Very handy

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