The Meta Mate team has gathered and commenced the season’s harvest. According to ancient knowledge and new-age recommendations, Mate should be only harvested in the months without the letter ‘R’ and medicinal plants under the full moon.

Though we do not judge the quality of different procedures, we try to achieve the best quality possible. The team got together one day before the May Full Moon (conincidently celebrated as the birth of Buddha) and had a silent minunte in a circle to concentrate our intentions.

We learned in Bulgaria by the rose harvest of this difference of collecting the mate before the plants releases its “sweet” information into the air.

Family Gehm – Traditions being preserved and passed out through generations

The IllumiMate Moonshine Mate is underway. This first round of mate from the forests of the Family Gehm will be made in the classic Moida Fina style and will be available vacuum packed at the end of August in Europe and USA.

Thank you to all of the Meta Mate Tribe that was together for this harvest, and especially for the Family Gehm from whom we continue to learn more from about the best mates.

Below some pictures to share….

This measurement device is donated by YMU Mate Professor Juan Hedman from Obera Argentina to measure the temperature and humidity

By sunrise the mate was harvested and already drying in the Barbacua

Tiago Gehm showing a formation cut, the Family Gehm takes care while cutting the leaves to not damage the plants.

Fabi, the media designer who is making mate, not telling stories

Evandro, the accountant and co-owner of Meta Mate Brasil who has also made mate as a child.

Meta Mate management team in front of the new Barbacua

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