kakoYesterday we celebrated the MoonShine Harvest of Meta Mate with Families Tolotti, Gehm and do Canto.

In the picture one sees the huge leaves proudly presented by Marcos do Canto. Marcos is the elder son from Fabrício and it’s very important for us that he worked together with the Gehm Family to make this production.

Meta Mate was the first and is still the only brand presenting handmade mate to a wider public. This mate has a huge diversity very different from monocultur mate. It is dried slowly over 30 hours, making its flavour endure much longer. The grinding is much finer and one experiences after drinking that the powder dissolves and only the sticks are left in the gourd.

Screen shot 2016-05-22 at 23.40.22Most important is that Meta Mate artisanal is the only mate that is harvested 100% in the right time, the right month, under the full moon. Now we have to finish drinking the last 100 kgs from the 2015 harvest left in Berlin to get this 250 kgs golden green treasure to us.

Take advantage of our special promotion and enjoy our 2015 Meta Mate.  

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