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On October 16th 2015, Meta Mate invites MdA Fabio Reinhardt (Sprecher für Integrations- und Flüchtlingspolitik – Piraten Partei) to sit down and have a Mate with Syrian rapper and political activist Mohammad Hajar and discuss the current situation facing his fellow men and exchange ideas as to how they can assimilate to life in Berlin.

cuiaThis round table will be in 3 parts;

1) Mr. Hajar, who has a Master in Politics, will be asked to give his acessment on the causes of the conflicts in Syria, and the situation of Syrian refugees in Berlin.

Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 10.59.552) Mr. Reinhardt will elaborate on the conversation about the situation in the Berliner Parliament, what the politicians could do, and what can we do to support.

3) After this exchange other guests would have a chance to present themselves and raise questions, and we be taking questions and opinions over the internet.

The conversation will be in English with live streaming.

We will share an update about the campaign to sponsor mate for Refugees and Refugee homes.


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