We are pleased to open up our doors and host the 2nd Caffeine Hackathon in conjunction with Guarana Brause  on September 12th, 2015 starting at 13 hrs.

Many might be wondering, what exactly is a Caffeine Hackathon, or if one has to have a certain level of programming knowledge to participate in a ‘hacker’ event.

The Caffeine Hackathon is open to all who are interested in Mate, Guarana and other energizing treats. The Caffeine Hackathon invites all to explore how to use your energy and how to concoct your own recipes.

The Caffeine Hackathon aims to explore the culture behind caffeinated drinks in all forms, from the traditional indigenous rituals to the Bottled brauses synonymous with ‘hacker culture.’

And most importantly it is a time for us to get together once again and exchange experiences and ideas. A highlight this time will be a Mate circle with Syrian rapper Mohammad, who recently fled to Berlin from his war-torn nation.  We hope with this circle we can better understand the issues that are affecting his people.

So whether you are a caffeine junky, or caffeine curious or just happen to be in the area, we will be glad to greet you with a mate…



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