Mate – in eine Glass oder Calabass?

Although many associate Brasil with Coffee, Mate is was sprouts natively from the soil in this land, and ironically in the same region of Brasil whose population has strong German roots.It is hard to ignore Germany’s burgeoning Mate addiction, stemming from the 1920’s with Sect Bronte, evolving into the internationally iconic Club Mate and bubbling into a billion bottles. It is also hard to ignore the growing interest in the natural food sector as people turn away from massified foods and look towards new forms of nourishment.


Schmekt nicht eiklig sagt Oma Drey (Mate ernter)

Here Fabricio explains Mate Limos on Brasilian TV

We see, however, that Mateando is a big blackbox to most of the world. Mate drinkers over all could testify that mate is more than a drink, it’s a form of communication. One cannot compare drinking a bubbly bottle with drinking fresh and wild crushed herbs out of a communal chalice. Each one has it’s moments. Berliners love their Brauses and we want to ensure that they keep getting them in a sustainable way by working together with drink and mate producers to raise the awareness of Mate on a grader scale.

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