caayariphoto(4)While most of Brasil was Carnavaling away, we were cancheando caá, or in English, harvesting a special erva.   Meta Mate’s March 2014 Harvest, Caayari’s Carnaval, is one of the softest Barbaqua ervas that we have made.

Our chief Uru, Ricardo Lorenz has been in Brasilia for a little over a year now while the Family Drey has been caring for our past harvests such as the Mother’s May Mate 2013 (which we have only a few kilos left of) and the September Soltice 2013 (which is seabound towards Berlin). And after a bustling year in Berlin, Fabricio was ready to buzz back to Brasil for a busy month, loaded with meetings, and projects and other developments that we will report about in the coming weeks.

Accompanied by our daughter Caayari who had up until now only known concrecanchearte jungles such as C-Base in her childhood, and Jared Herbing, a customer turned Caayari crusader from MetaMateBerlin, Fabricio and the Family Drey went deep into the forests  and collected some of the finest green





Project Mate Bar & Meta Mate fans in the US, most of this 200kg harvest is headed your way. European fans, let’s see how many kilos Fa & Ra can smuggle back in their suitcases.  Jared, thank you very much for this amazing opportunity to harvest mate together.  It was beautiful to share this experience with someone who walked into our doors some months ago on the other side of the Globe.  We are honored that you’re hooked on Erva and, inspired by this we would like to plan future harvests with mate comrades.

Thank you also to Jeronimo for all of the (not always ervaso glamorous) logistical support with thsapecois harvest.barbaqua






Thank you Ricardo, for the emotional support from the depths of Brasilia. seeds





kettleAnd most importantly, thank you to the Family Drey for continuing to put their hands into helping us to bring you the best Erva.







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