greenmattersMeta Mate and artist Mia Makela are pleased to invite you to a screening of Makela’s,  Green Matters and a talk about the subject (with a Mate round) followed by a light Indian lunch on Saturday, May 18th from 11am to 3pm

As places are limited we request a conformation of attendance and would appreciate a 7 € / 5 € donation for the Mate and food.

Keeping with the green, algae mood, our Crunchy Spirulina will be on sale for the event for 9€ for 100g instead of the normal 12€ price.

The Green Matters project comprised of Makela’s artistic research on green algae of the Baltic Sea.  In this video and handbook, Mia Mäkelä approaches the environmental issues around the eutrophication of the Baltic Sea. Her experiments with the green algae explore their possible use with traditional rug-making techniques.

Mia Mäkelä will present the research process behind “Green Matters. Handbook for Algae Gatherers”, in which she had to engage with an eclectic set of knowledge, ranging from biology and environmental politics to rug- techniques. Taking that as a starting point, she will reflect on the position of artists in scientific and interdisciplinary projects and address the key question of their role as investigators, social mediators, political agents or “agents provocateurs”.

Mia Mäkelä is an artist, real-time visual performer, educator and documentarist. Her current projects include the live visual set for the opera “La Figure de la Terre” with premiere in Berlin in April 2013 and a documentary on traditional healing in Adivasi communities in India. She is an author on the topic of live visual performance and expanded cinema.

The project was presented as part of an exhibition at the botanical garden of Turku on the occassion of TURKU 2011- Cultural Capital of Europe. It was commissioned by “Curated Expeditions to the Baltic Sea” by Capsula.

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