Wooden Imbuia Cuia


Wooden chia from the Aromatic Brazilian Walnut tree handmade by the Family Gehm.

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Imbuia cuias are popular amongst the Mate makers in Brasil due to their durability and somewhat neutral taste (in comparison to Calabasas). The Ocotea porosa tree is native to the Mate region but is a threatened species today as the wood was much sought after for high-end furniture and construction due to its hardness.  Normally they are lacquered and polished to ensure their longevity.

Tiago Gehm set up a wood workshop in the shed and secured a sustainable source from Imbuia to craft these cuias as an additional source of income for the Family Gehm.

These cuias are untreated as with the time they are naturally polished by being passed from hand to hand.  However due to the difference in climate in Europe, we do recommend caring for these cuias carefully and contacting us if there are any problems.


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