Simple Calabasa


A basic middle sized calabasa  perfect to start a mate circle and keep going from hand to hand as it has no foot to rest on.

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These traditional gourds are used in South America to drink mate. The gourd is our preferred way to drink our favourite Mate Mate at home because its taste rounds up the flavour. Although robust, there is a risk of mold, if not very well cured first, and then cleaned and dryed properly between each usage.

For tasting new brews, however, we recommend the neutral taste of a 2&1 or Ceramic cuia 

The cuias vary slightly in shape and size, however in comparison to other mate drinking regions, these cuias are on the large size. This is a sign of the welcoming tradition of the Gaucho who lives near the forest and has mate in abundance. Those who posess these cuias are happy and proud to have the best mate as well as time to enjoy it with friends. One might notice that unlike smaller calabasas used in Argentina, these cuias open up at the top. The special shape on the top, makes place for the topette ( similar to a rock ‘n’ roll hair style). There is space to leave enough mate to be drunk trough out the day without needing to make a new mate.

Another benefit of this style of Cuia (gourd) is that one can see the bright green of a fresh Erva Mate. We says that the gaúcho drinks with his eyes, and so it is important to see the green mountain on the top, and a pleasure to see it as a shore when the mate foam touches it.

If you decide to add a traditional cuia to your mate accessoires make sure to curate it adequately or ask us to make it for you (additional 5 Euros).

A cevador always or mate master has always different cuias according to the occasion, for more details on how to choose your cuia check our video in you tube.


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