Golden Set


1kg of aged golden Mate with an inox bomba for powdered Mates.


The average person associates  Syria with War these days.  The average German is concerned with donating warm clothes, food, and essential needs to the hundreds of Syrians who are arriving in Berlin on a weekly basis.

As the days turn cold and the newly arrived combat homesickness and German burocracy while trying to recover from their arduous journeys, we want to extend the drink of friendship to them and provide them with a comforting ritual that they know from back home.

Syria is the largest importer of Mate in the world, a habit that was acquired in the 1970’s when many immigrants in South America returned back to their native lands; thus a whole generation of Syrians has been brought up with the Mate custom.

Today as they sit in Refugee Homes, waiting for their papers to be cleared, or get together with friends to study German and adapt to their new lives, many are missing one of their favourite social traditions – to drink a mate with friends and discuss life, politics and important topics.

Most do not know that Mate is available in Germany, so they do not ask for it.  With your help we can reach out to the community and offer them a warm mate.


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