Crunchy Spirulina


A crunchy green snack on the go rich in proteins and vitamins

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This green algae super-food is a rich source of vegetable protein containing all of the essential amino acids that cannot be produced by the body but are needed to synthesize the non-essential amino acids.  Spirulina is fat-free and is a natural soure of iron and vitamin B-12 which makes it a rich source of nourishment for vegans.

This high quality spirulina artisan- produced by eco-friendly methods in Auroville, India. The spirulina is sun-dried which gives it a special energy and a wonderful taste. Spirulina Crunchy is nice to eat as a snack or as a seasoning on your dishes, bread or salads.  It combines well with dry fruits and nuts and combines well with mate drinking.

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Recommended daily intake 1-5 grams.  The Spirulina comes vaccum packed in a 100g bag.   Shelf life is 2 years. This item does not ship to Italy due to Customs regulations.

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