FRESH BREW – Traditional Mate

served in urban ‘gourds’ with ‘straw’ and a refillable thermos

Choose your Mate and if you want it

Hot or Cold

3,50 € per person

  • Hand Made Artisanal Wild Smokey Mate served in a ceramic cuia

  • Raw – freeze dried mild mineral enriched Mate – in a 2 in 1 Thermo Glass

  • 23 – Leafy fresh green organic mate ideal for new-bees – in a 2 in 1 Glass

  • 42 – Roasted & malty – the ‘coffee’ of Mates – in a 2 in 1 Glass

  • Aged Argentinean or Uruguayan strong & bitter – in a porcelain cuia

  • Rooibos – caffeine free alternative fresh from SouthAfrica

  • Cystus – Turkish stone rose caffeine free Mate


Sweeteners – Honey, Stevia, Brown Sugar

0,50 €

Saint Leonard’s Water 1 L

1,50 €

Juice (for Terere drinking)

1,50 €

Seasonal Fresh Herbs to add to your Mate / Terere

  • Mint / Melissa

  • Boldo

0,50 €

Herbal add-ons for your mate (recommended after the 1st liter)

All herbs are available to take home as well, they are described on our website, otherwise please ask about usage.

0,50 €

Bottled Drinks / Lemonades / Brause

Please refer to information near the fridge for more details about the drinks

Munter Mate (with Meta Mate inside)

2,00 €

Meta Mate affiliated drinks:

  • Berliner Matchen (Sugar-free)

  • Club Mate

  • Premium Cola

  • Frohlunder (Non-caffeinated)

2,50 €

Other Mates:

  • Kolle Mate (Dresden)

  • 1337 Mate (Hamburg)

  • Maki Mate (Leipzig)

  • Flora Power (Hamburg)

2,60 €

Alcoholic Drinks (to take away)

Premium Beer (open sourced organic ‘Bioland Pils’ beer)

Mari (Mate Wine)

Mate Absinth (100 mL / 500 mL)

2,50 €

3,00 €

5,00 € / 30,00 €

Snacks – light and energizing super foods

Dry Fruits, nuts & Spirulina plate (100g) w/ sun-dried Indian Spirulina 

Deluxe Dry Fruit Spirulina Plate with Cacao Beans and pieces of Mate Chocolate

Zatar and Oil – choose your bread at the bakery and enjoy a Mediterranean snack

Pao de Queijo – Brazilian Tapioca Cheese Bread (with eggs and milk products) 2 plates

Please note that this is made fresh and needs 30 minutes to prepare

3,00 €

3,50 €

4,00 €

10,00 €

Mate Ceremony

Duration: 30 minutes with up to 3 participants

Extra participants

Includes preparation instruction and 3 different types of Mate

Suggested themes:

  • Silent, highly recommended for deep communication and grounding

  • Origin of Mate

  • Mate Myth

  • Mate Cultivation and production standards

  • Hacker Brause Culture

  • Mate Hacking, revert-ability & Meta Mate Manifesto

10,00 €

5,00 € / per person

Mate Performance and Ceremony

(up to 10 people- to be booked in advance)

  • Performance and story of the Mate Myth

  • Workshop to become a Cervador (Mate Server)

42,00 €

Mate Management

Group workshops for team building including history of Mate and benefits of incorporating Mate into daily life to foster creativity

  • 5 – 15 people to be booked in advance

  • Including drinks and snacks

10,00 € / person

Why is Meta Mate unique?

Freshness is our speciality. Unlike most Mates available on the market which are mostly stored for at least 6 months before being put on the market (a norm in Argentina to increase the caffeine content), Meta Mate prides itself in following the indigenous tradition of bringing the freshest Mate possible to the consumers. The shiny green color of our Mate is not the only difference, a little Meta Mate goes along way when compared to other mates due to the intense favour.

Our artisanal Mates are made 100% from old trees residing in the shady Atlantic forest. Special care is given when selecting the leaves to ensure that the larger leaves are used as opposed to the shiny small leaves which make the mate bitter. Studies have shown that along with the tree species, the environment where the mate trees grow have an important effect on the taste of the Mate.

Unlike industrial mates that are often processed in big machines and dried with hot air in metal containers, Meta Mate is produced in a traditional manner, by one hand and smoked with the branches from the Mate Tree. The procedure of rapidly passing the leaves over a fre is often skipped in mate processing and this indigenous tradition that we follow adds to our unique taste.

Drinkers can trace their mate back to the trees on our website.

Meta Mate prides itself as being creative commons and transparent. Please contact us by email if you have specifc questions regarding our mate or its production

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