With the upcoming summer, we could not resist testing out some experiments with Meta Mate 23  Terere after unloading the 1 tonne shipment. The sunny afternoon lent itself towards unwinding after all of the excitement as we sipped on some 23 Mate Terere flavoured by Voelkel’s Biozisch fruity brauses.

The sweetened (with Traubensüße) bubbly brauses contrast well with the slightly bitter 23 Terere and drinking your biozich through our bomba serejo in the 2 in 1 with some Mate as a carrier together with some friends is much more fun than drinking out of a glass!

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We recommend 2 spoons of Mate, add a shot of warm water and then top this up with a diluted cold sweet drink and enjoy your Terere.

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 13.30.04

Please note, that while voelkel does produce a mate biozisch we recommend using the 23 terere with their other flavours, highly recommended are rose, rhababer and ginger.

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