Meta Mate in partnership with PurInox is launching an innovative Bomba onto the market.  Besides the technological development we want to bring more mate culture for the ones enjoying.  This Bomba is a homage to the historian Helio Serejo who spent the first half of the 20th century researching the culture of Mate resulting in his work ‘Carai’.

Ideal for enjoying Terere, a leafy cold mate typical of the regions in Mato Grosso and Paraguay where Serejo conducted his research, this sleek bomba with serrated edges is made out of pure stainless steel and created by a small company in Southern Brasil.  As this bomba is one single piece, it is easier to produce at lower costs with a high quality material.

We chose to name this bomba Serejo to value the research he conducted on Mate.  In his book, ‘Carai,’ Serejo affirmed that:

” Erva mate drunk as Tereré refreshes and is an embrace between 4 friendly nations: Paraguay, the largest consumer, Uruguay, Argentina and Brasil.

It is affirmative without contesting. This native drink of the pampas emotionally signifies resting, an hour of meditation, friendship, fun and a partner for work, joy and an exchange in ideas to a reckless gateway.'”

Serejo’s research about mate show that he gave importance to both the transcendental aspect of mate drinking as well as the conspiring attitude of the Gauchos who often needed to escape from a dangerous environment.

 These 3 aspects of drinking Mate as tereré: the union, the transcendence and the conspirations were well registered and we chose the name Serejo to remind those drinking tereré, that this refreshing drink bring us together in a meditative time where we can think about how to change our lives and society when it threatens us.

This Bomba can be purchased exclusively through Meta Mate or our resellers. 


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