Mate drinkers take pride in their special techniques for preparing a mate, what is a challenge for the novice drinker at first.  Here is our favourite way to prepare a long mate which uses less erva and has plenty of space for water in  our tailor-made ceramic cuias.  The Meta Mate Moida Fina featured in the photos when prepared in this way provides one with at least 4 litres of a flavourful Mate.

1.  Serve 1-2 tablespoons of Mate into your cuia.


2.  Fill the Cuia up to a little above the neck with warm water (not exceeding 80°C)



3. Gently place 2 – 3 heaped spoons of Mate on one side of the rim.


4.  Allow the Mate to rest for 30-45 seconds.

5.  Use your Bomba to firmly push the mate up against the rim.


6.  Placing your thumb on top of the bomba tip, insert it into the cuia and allow it to rest next to the mate mountain.


7.  Drink the first mate until the end remembering to slurp strongly, this clears the channels for the water to flow into your bomba.


8.  Do not be alarmed if part of your mate mountain falls in during your first few sips, it will make your mate stronger, however in order to avoid this use your fingers to firmly press the mountain up against the rim.

9. After a litre of mate, as it begins to lose its taste, push a little bit of mate from the top into your cuia as you serve.

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