Meta Mate and MPossible invite you to come and put on your green mask on Sat, Aug 18th from 13.37 to 17.00 hrs at Meta Mate Bar.

We are pleased to unveil our newest line of Meta Mate products, cosmetics,  featuring:

  • RejuveMate – A delicate coconut oil based exfoliating mate soap-bar from Verzaubereien.  Creater Britta Carl-Gerth notes:  ‘Mate (hat) folgende Eigenschaften: anregend (entschlackend) für Muskeln und Stoffwechsel, aufgrund des Koffeingehaltes aktivierend und Kreislaufstärkend, durch seine gerbende Wirkung auch für die äußerliche Behandlung von Hautirritationen (Ekzemen).
  • A range of skin care products from MPossible that use a combination of Meta Mate with healing earths, lavendar, virgin oils, horsetail, chamomile and other herbs in a variety of face packs, scrubs and tonics as well as Mate hair care products to keep your mane shiny and strong.

The finely-crafted products are done by hand with carefully selected ingredients and our anti-oxidant enriched Meta Mate to keep your skin delicate and radiant.  They are made, as Michael Lee form MPossible notes, ‘ out of real living natural organic ingredients with tender loving care individually in very limited numbers, not by big machines in big factories with big heavy industrial chemicals, thinking only of net-profit for the board members.’

Proceeds from Sales of MPossible products will go towards Lee’s intentions to help flood victims in the Philippines.

Please join us for a sunny afternoon outside the Meta Mate Bar to paint yourself green with MPossible, perhaps get a face massage, drink a Mate with us, there might be some crepes with a special Mate sauce to munch on, and later on at 6pm, if you are not content with just a green facemask we will have a special mate inspired butoh performance with a closing sunset Mate ceremony.

Bring your passions for Mate and we will satisfy them from inside to out.

(And in case you can’t get enough Meta Mate, you’re invited to return later in the evening for Das Mier Cabaret).

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