We live in a bubble of brauses and bombas. Berlin.Regional Prodcuts

Common citizens crave coffee and we conspire to convert them!

We are lucky to be surrounded by idealists and utopists who believe in doing things in a new way.

Aside from our principle goal of supporting sustainable artisanal mate production in Brasil, Meta Mate is also dedicated to developing different products with local manufacturers.

Our Mate skin care range continues to expand, Verzaubering Rejuvemating treats to pamper yourself with. Our Mate Sticks, produced by neighborhood chocolatiers Belyzium, is the perfect example a fusion of self-sourced ingredients.

Supporting fair and forward ways of catering to consumers, we continue our involvement in regional markets such as the Food Assembly and Fairmondo.

Mate continues to spark the interest of the curious and we look forward to the opportunities that we have to further the knowledge.

Look up your local food source and let us know if we can hook them up with some mate. 23 and 42 were inteligently designed for the mainstream and we also have MaTea Bags for the masses!

These are all diversions but in the long run aimed at the mission of making more materos.

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