This system is typical from Uruguay. You need Uruguayan cut yerba mate or better, chimarrao cut erva mate, as more powdery as you can. The most powdery meta mate usually comes from Gehm Family.

  1. First of all wash the cuia with warm water, let soaking for 20 minutes, then empty it but don’t let it dry.
  2. Put in the cuia 3 tablespoons of ash and 3 of erva, close the mouth with your hand tightly and shake.
  3. Let stay 8 hours, rinse with warm water and repeat the process 3 times more but only with erva without ash.

You can use oak ash or any wood you prefer, but NEVER pine  or industrial processed wood , the ash must be pure because any chemical in the ash will impregnate your cuia. The ash avoid fungus growing and you have a completely cured cuia in 24 hours.

For us it’s the best way. Here in Germany most of the year have a high humidity and if you cure a gourd by the usual method is near sure you’ll get fungus. With the bactericide quality of ash you won’t be in trouble with fungus. This system has many advantages:
– You have a cured cuia in 24 hours.
– The waste of erva is minimal, because you only use the erva that’s sticked in the gourd walls.
– Minimum risk of fungus.
– You get a very higienic gourd because ash kill all bacteries.

Curing calabasas

Curing a cuia properly takes several steps but ensures that it lasts long. This photo shows the process in different stages.

At the shop we can cure for you for extra 5 €. One can also curate without ashes, for that use a powdery mate, and leave after use with herb for 24 hours. Clean it and let it dry fully for another 24 hours. Repeat the process for 3 times always choosing another side of the cuia to mount the mate. The interior should had became darker. To avoid fungus in the first years is good to have a second or third mate to alternate.

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