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Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 16.16.34Click on the links to see where the mate you are drinking came from. Google Earth is required to open them up.

Notice the amount of Soya plantations around the reminants of the Mate forests, we are currently embarking on a reforesation project with a German Mate drink manufaturer.

 February 2013 This harvest rather large was approximately 700kg out of which 350kg was separated for Meta Mate distribution in the US, Berlin and Japan. This harvest was vaccum packed by Barao Mate after the traditional production to preserve its fresh wild taste. The harvest started during the full moon end of January, and special care was given to separate the seeds and fruits from part of the production. This Mate is available in leafy and fine cuts.

October 2012  This harvest was a mixture of leafy and fine cuts and features the very special limited 2kg Carijo Harvest.

August 2012 This harvest was mostly done in a leafy style to meet increasing requests for an easy to prepare Meta Mate. The mild Citric taste makes it a refreshing

May 2012 A limited edition special harvest that was done during the Meta Pilgrimage to Brasil, an experiment of mixing old mate harvesting methods with modern drying.

April 2012 fine cut Mate with the characteristic Barbaqua flavour typical to Meta Mate. This Mate was used in the brewing of Mier 6.0. 7.0 and 9.0

March 2012 This smokey leafy Mate is ideal for a hassle-free cuia mounting session

February 2012 Bright green, soft and smokey planned usage for The Dark Side of Mier.

February 2012 Location 2 The leafy Mate ended up having an amazingly high caffeine content.

November 2011 Mild and fresh harvest used in Mier 1.0 & 2.0

July 2011 Prime Harvest and strong flavour smoked dried with sugar-cane.

 April 2011 Strong and smoked with Guabiroba, the first ‘Meta Mate’ sold in Berlin


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