Mate Ambassadors

Due to our research we eagerly share our knowledge regarding Mate with both end- consumers and members of the Mate industry from Erva producers in Brasil to mate distributers and drink-manufacturers world-wide.

Can’t find a MetaMatero near you?  Please contact us regarding regional representing Meta Mate and spreading the Mate.

INDIVIDUAL DISTRIBUTOR SUPPORT  We assist international distributors of Mate to introduce MetaMate and the Mate Culture to their customers by providing tailor-made mate selections, sales information and when possible translations.

We try to cut down on unnecessary packing and transportation when possible by offering a reduced price for unpacked or recycled packaged Mate and by encouraging local businesses wherever possible.

MATE CONSULTING  We eagerly assist Mate drink manufactures in co-creating their signature recipes or by providing them with especially blended Mates for their productions. Some of our partners include the Premium Cola Collective, Berliner Matchen, ManuTeefaktur, MakiMate & 1337 Mate.

We also collaborate with  manufactures in Brasil like Barao de Cotegipe and Mate- Bras, Purinox & Bortonaggio to help them market their productions abroad.

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