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Dear Meta Materos, 

We hope you are well with a warm mate to enjoy.  

For the month of December, we plan to be at your service from 11am to 7:30pm Tues – Sat. in our shop in Berlin.

Count on us for end of the year gift inspirations.

Online orders for Europe should be recieved by 12 December to ensure arrival for end of the year festivities.

22 December will be our last official working day of the year, and from Dec 27 – 29 we will be in Leipzig serving Mates at the Tea Tent in the Chaos Communication Congress as usual.

Look forward to hearing from or seeing all of you before the end of the year and keep you warm and energized with Meta & Mate....

And we thank you once again for your continued support and constant recommendations for our Mate.



DIY Mate

Our DIY Limäte and Solimate received plenty of praise at the Heldenmarket by visitors at our stand for the minimizing of ecological footprints by saving on the transport of bottles and water. Aimed, at bottled Mate drinkers it aims to bring them towards brewing their own mates. 


December Debuts - Speaking of special offers, we do have new products and packages being posted online on a regular basis. So keep checking in.

Many take this time of the year to gift something meaningful to a good mate, and the gift of mate or a set is something that can be enjoyed every day

Let our range inspire you.

Yuyo Mate

Expanding the Family..

You may have noticed in the social media that we have also been promoting the Yuyo Mates more intensely as of late. These flavored infusions have Meta Mate inside. As we close up our partnership and join hands on the marketing front we hope to reach out to a broader non-mate drinking public.

Although tea bags are all about the packaging, the Yuyos try to minimize unnecessary packaging, by avoiding the use of strings, tea tags and individually wrapped portions. Mate and Rooibos are delicately blended into flavorful 23g portions and bagged in unbleached compostable material .

While mate drinkers might prefer the traditional style, materos might induldge in flavoring their mate at times, and the bags are practical to simply put in your thermos, two bags of Yuyo's enhances your mate. The Yuyo blends also make the perfect gift to share one's passion with non-mate drinkers. And the colorful packages make delightful stocking stuffers!   

We are running a special offer on all six flavors of Yuyo this month .



Over the past years, we have often heard the complaint from customers that they are unable to sleep properly after drinking so much mate during the day.

As responsible Mate dealers, we decided that it was important to offer an antidote to those who overdose on caffeine, so together with a local herbal shop, Herbathek, we created the Sister Data Sedativa to help you wind down in the evening.

We are looking for customers who are wishing to test out this product at a special price and give us some feedback. 


23 Mate

We were quite busy this fall broadening our partnerships and bringing Meta Mate out to a wider public. In October we did a week long Pop Up Shop at Bio Company. This gave us a chance to bring Meta Mate to a new neighborhood and interact with an environmentally conscious food interested public that does not know much about mate. It also gave us a chance to showcase our range, and the big winners were the Raw Mate, DIY Limäte as well as Yuyo Mates.   

Since 2015 we have been active in the Marktschwärmer in Berlin and in the past months we have also distributed our products in other cities through this network, if there is a Food Assembly in your city talk to your local host and connect us with them so that we can be present as guests


New Online Shop

We would like to take the opportunity to inform (especially) German customers, who had problems navigating through our website, that we are outsourcing part of this and there will soon be a standard selected assortment available in German online.

U.S. Customers may check in with for product availabilty and saving on shipment.

These partnerships are aimed at minimizing shipping hassels, however, the main Meta Mate range will always be available in Berlin, so do not hesitate to contact us directly


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