Mate + Rooibos for a refreshing drink with less caffeine.  Blend 100g wild rooibos with Meta Mate Raw and Moonshine Mate Gehm.


RedWood - Gehm Mate + Rooibos

RedWood – Gehm Mate + Rooibos

Our blends of RooiMateBos is a joint venture with Yerba Mate South Africa who sources this organic native tea from a small local production.

This product includes 100g each of our 2017 Monoshine Harvest from Family Gehm, Meta Mate Raw & wild Rooibos from South Africa.

The fermented (red) and virgin (green) rooibos was brought here by Jovi in December and  stems from the region of Cederberg.   Photos showing Jovi’s visit to the Rooibos Farms

In April 2017 we are visiting the region as well to forge a closer partnership between Yerba Mate South Africa and Meta Mate and venture on a joint endeavour in blending the 2 herbs.

Rooibos gained popularity through adoption by colonizers (like the missionaries and mate), providing them with an economical energizing infusion due to its composition and it remains a favourite for those wishing to have caffeine free mates.  Savour the sweet caramel flavours of Rooibos combined with the freshness of our mate to create a mate with less caffeine and a complex flavour.

Not sure which one to try?  Wishing to present a beloved Mate friend with a nice surpise?  Purchase the Mate Rooibos and we will send you 2 x 100g of our Mate with 100g Rooibos for you to blend and enjoy.

Video below of the KhoiKhoi Tribe, considered one of the most ancient tribes in Africa, which inhabits the region where the Rooibos originates from.


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Matea Cup, Matero Cuia


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