Mini Mate Mix


A mixed box of mates to sample the new harvest available at a special price



What better way to appreciate the efforts of the Meta Mate Tribe who gathered under the frosty moonlight together with the Family Gehm to harvest our annual Craft Moonshine Mate.

Some of the mates that you may receive depending on your selection are:

  • 1kg Illumimate Family Gehm Fine Cut – A fresh earthy mate harvested on Buddha’s Birthday from the forests of the Family Gehm, an exqisite delight for all chimarrao fans.
  • 500g Hybrid Harvest – Commencing a cooperation between craft and commercial production practices of mate. The leaves come from protected forests where they where harvested from native trees and sapecoed in the forest before being dried in the same manner as 23, as the name suggests this mate is a fusion between our craft and 23
  • 500g Viola’s Mate – Leafy Cut from the Family Gehm inaugurating their new barbacua, a leafy dreamy smokey soulmate with a melodious soundtrack (stay tuned)

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Weight2 kg



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